Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can AST provide quiet background dinner music? Can AST rock the house with dance music? Can AST provide the perfect music for any event?

Beware any band that claims they can play any event: they can’t.

AST doesn’t perform quiet instrumental background music. Our music is lively, fun and upbeat. Yes, we’ve played for many dinner events and we know how to make sure the volume doesn’t interfere with conversation. Yes, we can play it loud and rowdy! Although we’re not a dance band, people usually start dancing when we play.

Take a look at our Music Page and listen to our song samples. If you like what you see and hear, there’s plenty more where that came from!

Can AST do a special song for our wedding (or anniversary)?

Yes! We would be happy to perform a special song for your ceremony or reception.

Is a PA system really needed (we don’t want the music to be too loud)?

We recommend a PA system for most events– all but those with a very short guest list.  For most shows we provide this equipment at no charge. Our sound system provides a clean clear sound that can be easily heard without being too loud. We let you control the overall volume. Our starting point is to set the PA loud enough to be heard clearly but not so loud as to interfere with conversation.  If you’d like things a little rowdy, we’d be glad to step it up!

There will be children at the event: is your music family friendly?

You bet! Our music is family friendly—just so long as you understand that bluegrass and traditional songs often tell tales of moonshiners, bandits, and faded love (along with stories about home, fast trains, and crawdads)!

What logistical requirements or needs does the band have?

If the event is indoors, we simply need one power outlet and a performance space that is not in the flow of traffic. We pride ourselves on a neat setup without any trip hazards: we want everyone to be safe! We like a stage or performance area that is 10 by 14 but we’ll work with your space needs. For outdoor events we may also need cover against sun, rain and heavy wind.

We like to begin our set up and sound check at least one hour before we begin playing. If this set up activity would interfere with the event (for example, a wedding taking place in the same space as a reception) we will arrive as early as necessary. When we agree to a performance, we do our best to understand and accommodate your needs.

How much does AST charge?

To answer that question, we need to know a little about your event.  Where is it located? How many players are needed? How long do you need us to play?

Once we know the details of your event we can work out the fee without difficulty.  We are aware of budget concerns and our fees are on the low end of those customarily charged. Events involving distant travel, major holidays, or other special considerations increase our costs. Casual local events are the most economical.  Based on the overall details of the event, we will always give you our best performance at our best rate!


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